Association for the protection and education of children and young Roma – Progress is formed in order to realize and protect the basic human rights that are taking place in several spheres: economic social, educational, health, cultural, sports, humanitarian, etc. Progress Association was officially registered on 01.12.2000, headed by Alma Mamet and executive board of directors. Our organization strives to create a wider social interest, while satisfying the needs of professional or any other assistance related to the rights and freedoms defined in the Constitution and laws and international treaties ratified by our country..

Association successfully exists and operates on the territory of the Republic Macedonia for 16 years, and has achieved a very high cooperation City of Skopje, the Macedonian Government, Ministry of Culture, Swiss Embassy, ​​USAID, EACEA, FARE, INSOC, Open Society foundation, MCIC, etc.

The projects are mainly implemented through seminars, lectures, workshops of various types, printing brochures and flyers, and depending on the needs and objectives of the project, and provide media coverage as a way to notify or advertise a pre-planned events. Our organization has over 60 volunteers and 4 employees who care about the organization, direction, monitoring and implementation of projects under development in order to fulfill the main objectives set out in advance in the program of the organization with which cooperates our association.