The insufficient level of education, unbearable living conditions, poverty and indifference of this marginalized group of Roma people to improve their basic needs, pave a devalvirachka direction for deeper entrenchment of corruption as a way of manipulation and unnecessary sacrifice.             Ignorance of their basic human rights, makes Roma vulnerable category of people who desperately need to increase the level of education and awareness that every person has the same rights, and that there are institutions aimed at defending and enforcing human rights constituted in European Convention on Human rights.

Progress Association exists to advance and misisija given goal to which we pursued Education of Roma population, to raise their awareness of human rights and the power of education, increasing and strengthening their capacities in order to increase competitiveness in the labor market, affirmation and commitment to Roma women and the exercise of its rights. Although the image of the Roma population is constantly devealvirachka, however Team Progress Association ceases to work for their emancipation and their progress in society